A Comic Strip Featuring the Princess Elisabeth Station

The renowned Belgian comic strip Suske en Wiske / Bob et Bobette has chosen to collaborate with the International Polar Foundation for their new album. The story brings Suske en Wiske / Bob et Bobette to Antarctica where they will pursue their adventures at the Princess Elisabeth Station.

Not only is the comic strip a fun way to read about the zero emission features of the Station, it also explains different aspects of Antarctica in plain and most comprehensible everyday language.

Entitled "La Météorite Mutagène" in French and "De Sterrensteen" in Dutch, the 302nd album of Suske en Wiske / Bob et Bobette can be purchased in book stores throughout Belgium. Published both in hardcover and softcover, the new album is also available in a special "IPF edition" which comprises an additional IPF afterword and Alain Hubert's autograph.