A new educational tool by IPF

IPF will soon launch a new educational project "Puzzel je warm...experimenter je koud" (warm up with puzzle... cool down with experiments) where it shows the importance of polar research in the complex climate problem. By means of an interactive tool the project will address young people on Flemish public events, mainly during the International Polar Year.

In the first place two large 3D-jigsaw puzzles representing the polar regions will be developed. The puzzles, which are the base for all activities, will be used with detailed experimental modules that will approach several facets of the polar regions and sciences, as tools to educate about the effects of climate change, as is outlined under IPF's mission.

A questionnaire about youngsters' interest for polar research and scientific knowledge will kick-off the discussion after displaying interviews with female scientist.

The project will run under the auspices of the Flemish Ministry of Economy, Science, Innovation and Foreign Trade. Within its overall policy the administration for Science and Innovation (AWI) puts much attention on the popularisation of science and technology. Under the motto "Wetenschap maakt knap" they launch annual projects aimed to reach young people and the broad public. By means of its participation to the European gender programme, Flanders wants to tackle the low representation of women in scientific and technological research.