A Teacher at the Princess Elisabeth Station

What is a Belgian Teacher doing in Antarctica? Well, Koen Meilaen and his students won the PolarQuest contest by creating the AHA project to increase the awareness of teachers, parents and students alike towards sustainable development.

Koen is now spending 1 month at Princess Elisabeth in the framework of that project. We had the opportunity to interview him after spending 4 weeks at the station. His interview is up on the station's website, where you can read it as an introduction. You can also read more about Koen's education project on EducaPoles.

It details the activities Koen carries out in Antarctica in the framework of his educational project. Koen explains his interactions with scientists working at Princess Elisabeth and with his students back in Belgium over Skype. He also shares his impressions about being in Antarctica for the first time.

The AHA Project is truly a nice experiment in terms of project based education & outreach, something the International Polar Foundation is really interested in and does its best to support.