Alain Hubert Receives Award at the International Adventure Film Festival

Three days filled with dreams and emotions for the audience of the 30th edition of the International Adventure Film Festival. The chairman of this event, held in Dijon from October 16th-18th, was no other than Nikolay Litau himself, a worldwide-famous Russian navigator.

Amongst the award nominees was Alain Hubert, co-Founding President of the International Polar Foundation.

Golden Fleece Award for Adventurer of the Year

Alain Hubert was granted the Golden Fleece Award for his 2007 "Arctic Arc" crossing, on foot and skis, from Siberia to Greenland via the North Pole. He was also honoured for his scientific contribution through the International Polar Foundation.

Special mention from the Jury for the film "Au-delà du silence" (EN: "Beyond Silence")

Alain Hubert was awarded a Special Mention for the audacity and originality of his views on the Arctic in the movie "Au delà du silence". Director of the film: Michel de Wouters; co-production: MDW productions and International Polar Foundation; Belgium; 34 minutes; 2008.

This film follows Alain Hubert's and Dixie Dansercoer's 2007 "Arctic Arc" crossing, and engrosses us with the sensations and silence experienced by the two explorers during the 106 days of their expedition.