Alain Hubert Receives “Climate Change” Award

For the first time since its creation, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation delivered its "climate change" award to Alain Hubert, founding president of the International Polar Foundation (IPF), for his clairvoyance and commitment towards climate change-related issues.

Currently in Antarctica with the responsibility to finish the construction of a new polar research station, "Princess Elisbabeth", Alain was unable to attend the official ceremony in person. He did, however, manage to contact Prince Albert II of Monaco through his satellite Iridium phone in order to express his gratitude.

Alain Hubert: "[I am] very honoured by the decision of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Through the International Polar Foundation, I have sought to encourage individuals and companies to do their part in responding to the challenge of climate change. The IPF has reached its current position after only five years in existence thanks to all of the people who believe in our actions and support us, and who are aware that fighting for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions is a matter of common economic and social interest."

Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation strives to act as an accelerator of projects and solutions for the environment. It encourages the implementation of innovative and ethical solutions in three main areas: climate change, biodiversity and water.