Antarctic Belgian station presented at the University of Santa Barbara

Johan Berte gave presentations on the new Belgian station and participated in a student workshop on the invitation of California's University of Santa Barbara.

The invitation was an initiative of I-tasc, an international and interdisciplinary consortium working on a transportable polar station concept for use in both the Arctic and Antarctic. The I-tasc project was created by Marko Peljhan and Thomas Mulchair, both artists, and is inspired by Marko's Makrolab project. This is a nomad building structure that has provided work and living accommodation, since 1994, for both artists and scientists in remote areas all over the planet (except the Poles).

The new project will now be designed for the Polar regions. The designers will therefore workshop ideas on extreme building technology with the IPF's Antarctic base project group. Also involved in the project are Slovenian architects (Jan and Nejc Trost) and Chilean architect Pol Taylor. This interaction has been valuable for the IPF and further cooperation will certainly be pursued.