Antarctic film “Par delà les banquises” shows land in a different light

In November 2007, Dominique Kopp and a film crew boarded the Russian icebreaker Ivan Papanin to shoot a film about the Earth's ultimate frontier, Antarctica. While produced within the framework of the 4th International Polar Year 2007-2008, “Par-delà les banquises” (Beyond the Sea Ice) offers a different view on a continent that is most often described as a place of science and exploration.

Windswept white landscapes are bleak and yet beautiful, and ever changing in the light and elements. This film shows the changing environment, and people within in, studying the region and the secrets it hides.

Directed by Dominique Kopp and supported by the SCAM (a copyright organization specialized in literature, documentaries, TV & radio.) and the International Polar Foundation (IPF), the film shares a more poetic view of the polar regions and their paradoxes.

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