Arctic Futures 2012: Video Q&A with Speakers

As a followup the Arctic Futures Symposium in Brussels earlier this month, we have now posted Questions and Answer sessions with three of the key speakers from the conference -  Professor David Vaughan, Charles Emmerson and Dr Walt Meier on the Arctic Futures Vimeo Channel, who speak to us in depth about the issues facing the Arctic.

  • We interviewed Professor David Vaughan, glaciologist at the British Antarctic Survey and Lead Co-ordinator of the EU-funded ice2sea project, on potential sea level rise, improvements in modelling sea ice melt, and some of the factors contributing to dramatic ice loss from the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets.
  • We talked with Charles Emmerson, Senior Research Fellow for the Energy, Environment and Development Program at Chatham House, about his perspective on hydrocarbon exploitation in the Arctic.
  • Dr. Walt Meier, sea ice scientist from the National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado Boulder, puts into context the recent dramatic summer sea ice minimum in the Arctic, along with the winter sea ice maximum in the Antarctic.

If you are interested in polar-related issues, we think you will like those video interviews. Interviews from previous editions are also available on the Arctic Futures Vimeo channel.