Arctic Futures Symposium 11th Edition Is Approaching!

After many interesting editions over the last decade, it is with extreme pleasure that the International Polar Foundation and its many partners from the Arctic community wish to invite Arctic stakeholders and members of the general public to the 11th edition of the Arctic Futures Symposium.

The symposium will bring together a wide variety of stakeholders from local, national, and EU policymakers, Arctic indigenous peoples, entrepreneurs and representatives form the business sector, natural and social scientists, and other academics with interests in the Arctic.

Due to Covid-19, this year's symposium will be held as a series of webinars over three successive days starting at 2 pm Central European Time (GMT+1) or 8:00 am Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) during week 49 (Monday 30 November - Wednesday 2 December).

Programme Outline

The symposium will feature panel discussions that cover a number of key topics chosen by Arctic stakeholder partners including:

  • Arctic Challenges
  • Arctic Policies of the EU, Arctic states, and Arctic Stakeholders
  • Arctic Community Needs and Preparedness
  • Pollution, Climate Change and Biodiversity: Challenges and Solutions
  • Community Resilience through Empowerment
  • A Unique Arctic Entrepreneurship and Investment Culture
  • The EU's Engagement in the Arctic and Implementing the EU Green Deal

All are welcome

All those who are interested in what is happening in the Arctic region - be they politicians, diplomats, civil servants, academics, indigenous peoples, representatives from industries operating in the Arctic, representatives of civil society, teachers, students, or members of the general public, - are welcome to register to the event.

For more details about the symposium programme, speakers, and information on how to register for the event, please consult the Arctic Futures Symposium website.

If you have any additional questions about the symposium, you are welcome to contact us at or at +32 (0)2 520 34 40, and we will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing many of you online at the end of November!