Arctic Futures Symposium 2013 final report now available

The official proceedings of the International Polar Foundation's 2013 Arctic Futures Symposium are available for download from the Arctic Futures website.

Held every autumn in Brussels, the International Polar Foundation’s annual Arctic Futures Symposium draws a multinational and multidisciplinary group of speakers and participants to Brussels every year to discuss issues the Arctic will be facing in the coming years.

The 2013 symposium featured local, national and EU policymakers, Arctic indigenous peoples, natural and social scientists, academics, and representatives of industries operating in the Arctic to discuss the impacts of resource development and shipping in the Arctic, how the region is being altered by climate change, and issues affecting Northern residents.

The proceedings provide a highly useful reference resource for all those interested in Arctic issues, from seasoned policymakers to journalists and students.

Every year since it first began in 2010, participation in the Arctic Futures Symposium has grown, reflecting the ever-increasing interest in the Arctic. October 2013 saw the fourth edition of the symposium, which was organized with the help of sponsors including the Belgian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Statoil, as well as the support of contributors such as the North Norway European Office, the EU Arctic Information Centre consortium and the European External Action Service (EEAS). A shipping workshop on the second day of the symposium was organized in conjunction with the Arctic NGO Forum, an initiative funded by the EU Commission Directorate General for the Environment and coordinated by GRID-Arendal and Ecorys. 

Download the final Arctic Futures 2013 report 

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