Arctic Shorts 2022: The Arctic Continues to Inspire!

​The fourth edition of the Arctic Shorts Film Evening, which took place the evening of November 8th at the BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels, was again a big success.

About 350 fans of Arctic cinema turned out at BOZAR to enjoy eight short films made by filmmakers from across the Arctic.

Gizem Eras, Counsellor for the Mission of Canada, and Clara Ganslandt, EU Special Envoy for Arctic Matters, opened the evening with short welcome speeches before the audience was transported to different parts of the Arctic through the magic of cinema.

Curated by BOZAR with films proposed by the Arctic Futures Symposium partners, the programme for the evening allowed audiences to experience moments of joy, sadness, anger, hope, triumph and pure fun through the eyes of gifted Arctic filmmakers.

As a side event of the annual Arctic Futures Symposium, which focuses on discussing topics of great importance to Arctic stakeholders, Arctic Shorts is an exercise in cultural diplomacy, allowing the general public in Belgium to experience the Arctic through the medium of film.

The large interest in Arctic Shorts shows just how important place the Arctic is in the minds of the general public. This interest is also evident in the number of people who have signed up to take part in the Arctic Futures Symposium, taking place at the Residence Palace in the EU Quarter on November 29th and 30th. We look forward to seeing everyone there!