BELARE 2007-2008: Hammar Side Loader Back on Track

Yesterday, the Hammar side loader had gotten stuck in a small crevasse. It is has now been successfully freed.

It took the rescue crew only 10 minutes to get the Hammar side loader out of the crevasse. Not as long as was feared. Using one tractor to pull the Hammar sideways and another to pull it upwards, the Hammar slided right out.

Aside from this, the crew has been busy repatriating provisions stored in the containers from Breid Bay to Utsteinen. For reminder, six containers had been left along Breid Bay last season storing materials (wood, fuel, etc.) and equipment. Going back and forth between the Utsteinen site and Breid Bay, the men have finally managed to carry all their provisions to the base camp.

Base camp equipment has now been fully set up and the building crew has begun preparation work for the construction of the garages. They will also be checking the condition of the ridge for drilling.

Alain Hubert and the building crew now number 21 on the camp site. New arrivals are sceduled tomorrow, Wednesday November 14th, along the cold Utsteinen ridge.