BELARE 2007-2008: Last Module Goes In

We just lived a historical moment here in Brussels, as we received a phone call from Utsteinen base camp. Alain Hubert phoned to say that the last exterior module was mounted on the Station this afternoon.

For those who were there, imagine the Station as it sat in Tour & Taxis last September, only surrounded by the white stretches of Antarctica. By now, the team has also added the front door to the tower and was quite proud to be able to use it for the first time.

As you can guess, spirits are high as ever as huge progress is made each day. Alain also mentioned that they were planning on closing the roof of the Station by tomorrow, Wednesday Feb. 13, at the end of the day. He told us once again how pleased he was with the team's determination and dedication to the project, and wishes to thank you all for following this adventure.