BELARE 2007-2008: “The Nieuwe Blanc”

The Utsteinen crew had a costume party on New Year's Eve. Everyone took part in the fun.

"The Nieuwe Blanc" theme was chosen to represent the three spoken languages at the base camp. The idea behind this costume party was to decorate "as fun as possible" their white overalls from head to toe. The results of their creativity will be posted online as soon as the satellite connection allows the BELARE team to send us their pictures.

On the menu, the team had vegetable pie and salmon trout. The most exciting elements of the dinner party were the 200 hand-made "momos", Nepalese raviolis of unequal relish that Man Ram had prepared. At midnight, a huge sticker of the "Belgian Antarctica Research Expedition" was signed by everyone, under the popping sounds of the champagne bottles being uncorked.