BELARE 2007-2008: The Team Earns a Sleep In for Fast Progress

The building team spent just 5 days building the station's floor. That's roughly 500 m² of pine wood resting upon the metal struts. This rigid progress puts the building team a few days ahead of schedule! Progress has been such that the building team earned a day's rest over the week-end.

Watching the station's evolution is like following the assembly of a giant puzzle. Every new piece brings us closer to the completed picture. Already, a sheet of EPDM liner is being placed on the underside of the wooden panels, to isolate the wood from the exterior environment.

Over the next few days, while they await the stainless steel panels to arrive from the coast with the next traverse, the team will put up the wooden beams composing the roof's structure. The team hopes to start mounting the C-shaped wooden side beams this Wednesday.

Weather Information from Utsteinen

Date 21.01.2008
Time 14 31 UTC

  • Wind Direction: 90 deg
  • Wind Speed: 6 km/h
  • Visibility: +10 km
  • Cloud ceiling: 4500 feet
  • Temperature: -5.7 C
  • Pressure (QNH): 830 hPa