BELARE 2010-2011 Season

The southern hemisphere winter is over, and as the Antarctic warms up, the members of the BELARE (Belgian Antarctic Research) 2010-2011 expedition have headed to Antarctica to re-open the Princess Elisabeth Station for its first complete “zero emission” season. Departing from Cape Town (South Africa), they landed at Utsteinen on November 11th.

Later on in the season, the icebreaker Mary Arctica, which has already left from Zeebrugge with 13 containers containing 67 tons of material, food, fuel, and scientific equipment, will resupply the team to last until the end of February.

Upon arrival at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, the team quickly started clearing the entrance to the technical areas and the garages, before starting other activities. With their field training now completed, the members of the BELISSIMA project (glaciology) will be heading to the coast to makes various measurements in an effort to better understand the interactions between the ocean and the ice at the contact point with the ice shelf.

Later on in the season, these scientists will be joined by the teams from the MICROMETA, SAMBA, GIANT/LISSA, BELATMOS, HYDRANT, and BELDIVA projects.

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