Biodiversity and Climate Change

The IPF's educational team brings the effects of climate change alive in class rooms throughout Wallonia. Sponsored by the Belgian Region of Wallonia, 40 classroom sessions have been scheduled during October and November. All sessions were booked in no time and children have responded very positively to the first ones, raising interesting questions and complementary remarks.

Directed towards children aged 10 to 14, these educational sessions of about 2 hours use games and interactive learning processes to introduce polar regions, global warming and the future effects of a changing climate.

A conventional session is divided into three periods:

  • Introduction on the IPF and its activities;
  • Presentation of both Polar Regions, their specificities and their importance in understanding global climate history;
  • Introduction to the effects of climate change in our own country: Belgium.

A Biodiversity CD-Rom

These activities actually put into practice the various subjects that the future "Biodiversity and Climate Change" CD-Rom will enter upon.

This "Biodiversity and Climate Change" CD-Rom is expected to be released at the end of October and will comprise of 15 themes, covered using animations and teaching dossiers.

As usual, all flash animations will be made available on the EducaPoles website and teaching dossiers will be proposed for download.