A comic book about climate change, environmental management and sustainable development

Designed and just recently produced by IPF with the kind support of WWF Switzerland and the University of Geneva, this comic book aims to raise the reader's awareness of the stakes linked to climate change and environmental management, through a global approach and a perspective of sustainable development.

The scenario mentions many problems linked to these topics in the developing countries, as well as in the industrialised countries: consequences on fauna, flora or climate, but also on the local economies and on the different population's way of living. This comic can help the general public to understand that the interactions between these numerous factors are complex and very hard to control as conflicts of interest rapidly hinder constructive initiatives.

By October 2005, an educational file will also be available to ease the teacher's use of this wonderful educational tool with their class. This comic book has been designed as part of another IPF project: Clim@TIC. The comic book (cost: 8 Euros plus carriage costs) can be ordered by writing to the IPF headquarters in Brussels or by mail. This comic book is currently available in French. English, German and Italian versions should be available shortly.