Discover the Fantasy!

The seventh edition of the Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival was inaugurated in Bruges on November 22nd. This year, in exclusivity, the IPF contributed to the project, by setting up the DAMOCLES exhibition, the model of the Princess Elisabeth station and several explanatory posters. The festival is open to the public until January 13th.

After several consecutive speeches in the catering tent, the organizing team led the IPF members and guests on a tour around the perimeters. A movie on the "making" of the ice sculpture festival was projected then the audience was invited to stroll around and have a look at the impressive art work that the professional sculptors had carved in ice. After a chilly visit through the cold room, where the IPF was pleased to discover the ice replica of the new Antarctic research station, the crowd moved into the ice bar for a warm drink.

For those not so keen on cold rooms, the festival also hosts a warm room, home to the polar exhibition. Here, you can find touch screens that present the different Antarctic bases, and see the IPF's mobile exhibition DAMOCLES and Princess Elisabeth Station model.

The ice festival is a wonderful introduction to both the legendary polar cold and the scientific contribution of Polar Regions to better understanding climate change!