Early Recognition of the Station’s Structure

The Station's metal struts have emerged from the Utsteinen rock in just 3 days. With only two struts left to place, the early stages of the station's pre-construction in Brussels are now fully recognizable.

Varying between 2 and 6 metres in length, the 14 metallic struts anchored into the Utsteinen rock are made up of steel. Alain Hubert is very happy with the progression (no delay in schedule) and especially with the anchoring points which lie within 4 mm of perfection.

The toil of drilling and fixing the 50 anchoring points for the metal struts during the month of December are now paying off. Not much time for contemplation, though, because the team has now to prepare the scaffolding for the remaining construction work.

Down at the base camp, Bernard and Paul continue to work on the new sanitary facilities. The BELARE team is also promised a new dispensary, with a bed and heating. Things keep getting better by the day!