Exhibition “From Brussels, Xié Xié Shanghai”

From March 30th to May 31st, Tour & Taxi (Brussels) will host the exhibition “From Brussels, Xiè Xiè Shanghai” (“Thank You, Shanghai”). The exhibition will give those who did not get to see the Belgium Pavilion in Shanghai the opportunity to feel a little of the atmosphere that reigned in China during the six months of the 41st World Expo.

The IPF, which was present with the Ice Cube in Shanghai, is featured in the exhibition with a scale model of the Princess Elisabeth Station, but also Antarctic meteorites and rocks, a video on the construction of the world’s first “zero emission” station, and a slide show presenting the various scientific projects conducted at the station.

This exhibition follows up on the tremendous success of the Belgium Pavilion and shares it with the largely cosmopolitan audience in the European capital, a symbolic way to say “Thank You, Shanghai”.