First BE-POLES fellowship awarded to doctorate student from Ghent University

The first BE-POLES fellowship has been awarded to a young researcher from the Renard Centre of Marine Geology at Ghent University. This award is intended to allow young researchers to undertake short term visits to major international laboratories, field facilities or educational authorities on polar subjects.

Annelies De Hauwere, who won this 'starters prize', proposed to participate into a training programme at the University centre of Svalbard. From January to June 2006 she will follow 5 courses, which will extend her knowledge about the study area and the dynamics in the North-Pole region. These courses are: 1. Arctic marine geology: Processes and environments; 2. Arctic marine geology: Data acquisition and interpretation; 3. Seismic exploration; 4. Geometry and kinematics of foreland fold and thrust belts; and 5. Glaciology.

Annelies is preparing a research project in geology which will deal with sedimentary processes, slope stability and bottom currents on the high-latitude Svalbard margin in the Greenland Sea. The educational programme at Svalbard will fill the gaps in her 'polar' knowledge and create the possibility to make the right science contacts for her future doctorate research.

The BE-POLES travel grant will largely facilitate her mobility towards Svalbard.