First Scientific Research Conducted Around the Station

The Princess Elisabeth Station base camp looks a lot emptier now that the scientific and reconnaissance teams have left the Station for the coast.

Five glaciologists from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium), the University of Aberystwyth (UK) and the University of Washington (USA) are studying the grounding lines - point where the continent meets the ice shelf - along the coast. They will first finish the radar and GPS survey of the area before they start drilling for ice samples. Apparently, an auxiliary camp is to be set up 30 km away from where they are now in order to take measurements over a more interesting area. This is the first scientific research expedition linked to the station.

Another group of scientists has also just left the Station to begin its research activities: six geologists from the Japanese National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR) studying the geology of the region around Utsteinen. This visit follows up on their research in the Sør Rondanes last year. After having stayed at the station a short week to prepare their expedition, they have now left to set up their camp.

The weather along the coast is very nice, with a blue sky and moderate winds. Alain is carrying out his reconnaissance mission in order to prepare the ship's arrival, which should come in to Breid Bay around Christmas time. For the moment, ten BELARE members are left at the station before the next team flies in around December 18th.