First shipment to Antarctica to prepare the station building phase

The ICE-CLASS cargo ship "Ivan Papanin" will leave Oslo on the 28th of October with material and equipment needed to build the new Belgian station in Antarctica. It will unload in Breid Bay (Antarctica) on the 10th of January 2007. This transport mission will be done in collaboration with the Belgian Defense, partner of the project.

Unloaded on the coast, the shipment will be transported to the construction site, using the route recognised during the latest BELARE expedition in November 2005. Along the way to the construction site, 5 fuel depots and emergency shelters will be built.

The shipment will contain logistics equipment and vehicles, garage building material, fuel supplies, tools and spare parts, shelters for the construction team, wind turbines, etc. One of the wind turbines will be installed on site in order to test and qualify its functionalities and anchoring.