IPF and Adventure Ecology Challenge

To celebrate the International Polar Year, the International Polar Foundation (IPF) and Adventure Ecology invite schools in the United Kingdom to participate in a national sustainability challenge. Although only UK schools can register to participate, the resources made available for this project can of course also be used by other schools internationally.

This challenge is an opportunity for schools to educate pupils about the Polar Regions' global ecological importance, and for pupils to create interesting, fun and effective sustainability projects.

Pupils must rise to the challenge of addressing their schools' impact on "out of sight, out of mind" regions, how the school community can work together towards positive solutions, and how to promote a healthy planet for all.

The challenge will take place from June 2007 to May 2008 and give schools the time to use resources provided by the IPF and Adventure Ecology covering Polar Regions, ecological footprints and sustainability, and to develop achievable projects that can be implemented in the school.

A collection of the most effective projects will be displayed on the IPF and Adventure Ecology websites at the end of the challenge.