IPF at Life2 Fair 2006

IPF had a prominent place at the Life2 Fair dedicated to Health and more sustainable approaches to modern living. Its 100 square meter exhibition on the new Belgian Antarctic base (to be built by February 2008) was one the largest and one of the most eye-catching displays of the three day event. Alain Hubert, Chairman of the IPF, spoke at the opening press conference stressing the importance of changing economic and social priorities toward a more sustainable way of living.

More than 35,000 visitors to Life2 ensured a steady stream of visitors to the IPF's display of polar maps, exploration gear, and striking photos of the Arctic and Antarctic landscapes. One of the major attractions at the IPF's stand, stimulating much interest and discussion, was an interactive "ecological footprint" animation (provided courtesy of WWF-Belgium) which allowed viewers to calculate the impact on the environment of their daily lifestyles.

The event was also an excellent occasion to explain to the many visitors the range of IPF projects and to demonstrate its educational tools. Many visitors to the display were very interested in IPF's CD-ROM animations on the Polar regions and climate change and the IPF comic book on climate change.