IPF-UK’s newly appointed UK based trustees

The IPF-UK's newly appointed UK based trustees had their first meeting with Jean de Pomereu, Managing Director on Thursday 8th of September. The newly appointed trustees are Meredith Hooper, Stephen Cox and Sir Andrew Burns.

  • Meredith Hooper - Science writer and author of non-fiction books specialised in Antarctic science, natural history and exploration history; visiting scholar at the Scott Polar Research Institute; three times to the Antarctic with the US and Australian Antarctic Artists and Writers programs, juror for the BAS Artists and Writers program; awarded the Antarctic Service Medal by the US Congress.
  • Stephen Cox - Executive Secretary of the Royal Society and member of the Council of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee of the Houses of Parliament.
  • Sir Andrew Burns - The BBC's International Governor; ex British High Commissioner to Canada and ex-diplomat in charge of the Southern Polar Region at the Foreign Office. As High Commissioner to Canada he became involved in the northern polar regions and has kept up much interest and Canadian contacts in the problems of northern Canada and the effects of climate change.

Among the topics discussed where the IPF-UK's Governing Documents, it's official launch as a satellite of the IPF in Brussels, the creation of an Honorary Membership, and it's role in the context of the International Polar Year and the communicating of IPY science.