IPY Montréal Science Conference 2012: Call for Abstracts

Since the International Polar Year in 2008, the IPF has gained a lot of experience in keeping polar science outreach and education activities alive and prospering. Because of this leadership role, the IPF has been invited to convene a session at the final IPY conference taking place in Montréal in 2012.

The IPY 2012 conference - From Knowledge to Action - is taking place in Montreal, Canada from April 22-27, and will be one of the largest and most important scientific conferences for polar science and climate change, impacts and adaptation.

The International Polar Year also raised the bar on science education and outreach. Sandra Vanhove, Head of the education department at the International Polar Foundation, is now seeking abstracts on educational and outreach practices during and after the International Polar Year from teachers and educators everywhere. The Call for Abstracts for the E&O program is available on the IPY Montréal 2012 website. Abstracts submission closes on September 30, 2011.

For the IPF led session - Teaching Polar Science: IPY and Beyond - particular emphasis will be put on multidisciplinary projects that were highly successful in formal education settings during the IPY, and how these lessons and experiences continue to improve outreach efforts in schools into the future. Sessions will include evidence from case studies from a variety of educational areas.

We are seeking a combination of geographically spread educational practices, from different levels of education (local class-school, inter-school, national level, international level), with the final aim of creating a debate on the success of the project and how to continue.