New Book Signed Alain Hubert

Alain Hubert has just published his fifth book, entitled "L'Appel des glaces". Inspired by his latest expedition, "The Arctic Arc", Alain Hubert tells the story of his trip through a mix of prose, poetic phrases and beautiful pictures.

The book, available for the moment in French only, is 160 pages long and includes 137 photographs and illustrations. Not only will the reader see how "The Arctic Arc" fits in as a project for society, he will also be keyed in to Alain Hubert's various activities in collaboration with the International Polar Foundation (Polaris observatory for climate change, Princess Elisabeth Antarctica station, etc.). The book is due to be released in Dutch at the beginning of November, and may be translated into English later on.

A press conference was held just before Alain Hubert's departure for Antarctica, in the prestigious office of the expedition's principal sponsor "Rolex". Alain Hubert has already left for the southern hemisphere, to set up the BELARE (Belgian Antarctic Research Expedition) 2007 expedition which is due to begin construction of the Princess Elisabeth Station this upcoming austral summer.

This book offers a wonderful opportunity to learn recent information about the Arctic sea ice, be introduced to polar jargon and discover the poetry of the Polar Regions. Not only does the language and tone of the book suit young teenagers who are interested in the northern latitudes, it provides inspiration and hope to anyone who adheres to the values of sustainable development that IPF aims to convey.