Princess Elisabeth Antarctica presented at Wired Next Fest

The recent Wired Next Fest in Milan, Italy, saw International Polar Foundation Executive Director Thierry Touchais give two presentations on Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, the world’s first zero emission polar research base.

On Friday, at the Wired Dome, Thierry discussed the range of innovations that defines Princess Elisabeth Antarctica project including technical, financing, partnering, vision and education. On Saturday, at the GDF Suez igloo, Thierry expanded on the principle of innovation during a talking covering the technical aspects of station’s revolutionary energy systems in greater depth.

For three days, from May 30 to June 1, Milan was the center of the global conference on Innovation. An estimated 30,000 visitors came to Wired Next Fest, the first such festival hosted by the Italian edition of Wired magazine. The event was a collaboration between Condé Nast and the City of Milan to promote the city as a hub of innovation and cradle of the Italian digital revolution.

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