Professor Emeritus André Berger

On Tuesday May 27th, an academic ceremony was held at the Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium, to officially pay homage to Prof. André Berger, a pioneering climatologist and co-founder of the International Polar Foundation.

Before a public of over 180 people, Prof. André Berger was officially granted the status of Professor Emeritus. This event brought together leading scientists and directors of institutes from all over the world (Ireland, China, Germany, Russia, switzerland, Japan, USA, France, UK, Canada, Norway and the Netherlands), notably 1995 Nobel Prize winner and Member of Honour of the International Polar Foundation Paul Krutzen, and representatives from the Laboratory of Glaciology and Geophysical Environment (LGGE), the Pierre-Simon Laplace Institute (IPSL), the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI).

An international symposium on climate change is also organised in the honour of Prof. Berger, from May 26 to 29, entitled "Climate Change: From the Geologic Past to the Uncertain Future". The objective of this symposium is for cientists to go over the results of studies undertaken in the field of climate change and to discuss the uncertainties linked to the future.