Representatives of Arctic Indigenous Peoples Visit the IPF

On November 22nd, the International Polar Foundation (IPF) had the pleasure to welcome a delegation of representatives from various Arctic Indigenous Peoples' organizations. Following the Arctic Futures Symposium of October 2011, in which Indigenous peoples’ issues were, one of the four main themes addressed along with international cooperation, science and economy, the representatives wanted to gain a better understanding of the IPF, its mission and its projects.

The IPF has already crossed paths with the Sámi Education Institute in Oslo, during the IPY 2010 Oslo Conference and at the University of the Arctic (Rovaniemi), of which the IPF became an Associate Member in June 2011. A common interest in science and the sustainable development of the North is at the heart of a working relationship between the IPF and the Arctic Indigenous Peoples, and both will be present in Montréal in April 2012 for the IPY Knowledge to Action symposium.

The IPF education team gave all the representatives a guided tour of the IPF’s “Class Zero Emission” workshop by the education team. Doing various activities such as the 3D puzzles of the Arctic and Antarctic, and taking the sustainability quiz, the representatives were impressed with the interactive approach of the workshop.

The Indigenous representatives included: