Science and Technology at XPO2Pi

From October 5th 2007 to January 6th 2008, the Royal Museum of Art and History in Brussels opens its doors to the XPO2PI exposition. This event celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Belgian association "Jeunesses Scientifiques"

The exposition, divided into 7 distinct areas of study, offers interactive and amusing games to learn about our era's major scientific and technological achievements. From communication devices to molecular recipes, from mummification techniques to sporting gear, you will learn that important technology hides behind the slightest object.

The International Polar Foundation presented the Princess Elisabeth polar station by exposing one of its structure modules and polar outfits. Close attention was given to rendering the Antarctic world, from its ice forms to its colors, by displaying a continuous flow of pictures upon white flags. A message read: "studying the poles helps understand the Earth's system, its past and its future"...enough to understand why it is important to have a polar research base in Antarctica.

Dedicated areas:

  • Driving: technological evolution of cars
  • Communications: communication devices (record your own news report live!)
  • The world: measuring devices, Princess Elisabeth Station, climate conditioning
  • Scientific lab: culinary experiences (taste the "molecular pack"!)
  • (In)visibility: discover the invisible and the science of the invisible: mathematics
  • The Universe: space, the solar system and time
  • Break: polyvalent experimentation lab, sporting gear and surgery devices