Sciencepoles IPY Interview Series

Sciencepoles is conducting interviews with senior figures in polar research about their expectations and hopes for the International Polar Year 2007-2008. The first interviews, held in October 2005, are with Professors Jorn Thiede and Chris Rapley, Directors respectively of Germany's Alfred Wegener Institut and the UK's British Antarctic Survey.

Sciencepoles is conducting these interviews as part of its commitment to supporting the IPY effort. They provide an insight into the key research areas being considered for the IPY and into the directions which prominent research institutes are likely to be taking.

Interviews are being conducted with heads of prominent national research institutes and scientific bodies as well as with key administrators, such as Dr David Carlson, Director of the IPY International Programme Office, based in the UK.

Look for new interviews on Sciencepoles over the next few months.