The Belgian Station project in the press

The Belgian daily paper "Le Soir" dated October 19 published an article about the BELARE 2005 Logistics Survey Expedition and the tests (wind tunnel & snow drifting) realised by the Von Karman Institute for the Belgian Antarctic Station to be built on the Utsteinen nunatak.

Alain Hubert and Johan Berte give information about the Belare 2005 Logistics Survey Expedition that will start in November 2005 and explain why these wind tunnel tests are so important for a building that will have to sustain the harsh conditions of the Antarctic for several years. With gusts of wind reaching 250 km per hour and snow threatening to bury the station during winter, one can easily understand that such tests are to be taken very thoroughly.

The Belgian Science Policy commissioned the IPF to design and construct the station, Belspo is currently establishing the scientific programme and will operate the station when it is constructed.