The International Polar Foundation and sustainable renovation

Protecting our shared environment is of fundamental importance to the International Polar Foundation (IPF). In order to put our values into practice, we are committed to exercise proper environmental control over our activities and projects.

The Brussels Polaris Center will be established in an historical building. In the process of renovating that building, IPF will pay special attention to the application of management methods which can improve environmentally responsible design and sustainable renovation.

We will thus do our best to:

  • value site resources (historical and natural);
  • use durable products and materials;
  • minimize resource consumption of energy and materials;
  • reduce the costs-in-use and the maintenance for buildings;
  • buy locally produced building materials;
  • use building products made from recycled materials;
  • seek responsible wood supplies;
  • avoid materials that will offgas pollutants;
  • minimize renovation disturbances;
  • reduce, reuse or recycle construction waste;
  • protect trees and topsoil during sitework;
  • etc.

We are taking into account the general equipment. We are currently seeking the best solutions and opportunities in order to install high-efficiency heating equipment, high-efficiency lights and appliances, water-efficient equipment and mechanical ventilation equipment.

Information being a part of our daily practice, we will use the design and construction process to inform visitors, employees, subcontractors and the general public about environmental impacts of buildings and how these impacts can be minimized.