The Princess Elisabeth Station Live in Paris

On February 15th 2011 the Princess Elisabeth research station in Antarctica (PEA) will be the centre of attention at the launch of the 'mardis durables du Palais', a special exhibition focussing on sustainable technologies and innovations, at the ‘Palais de la Découverte’ (Paris).

The first of the ‘Mardis durables’ is called ‘Islands, innovation lands for smart grids’, and will feature a session dedicated to students, followed by a round table of experts discussing smart grids. This special session will be broadcast live on the WEBTV at 2.30 pm. The video conference with Alain Hubert at the Princess Elisabeth Station will be preceded by a presentation of the station, as well as a discussion between the engineers of GDF Suez and Schneider Electric. These engineers set up the smart grid which allows the Princess Elisabeth Station to rely solely on the electricity provided by the wind turbines and solar panels.

During the video conference, the students will be able to ask Alain Hubert questions and he will share his experience of the new technologies and on the feasibility of “zero emissions”, even in the most extreme conditions on Earth.