Visit of the “Paleosite” by the PCCO museologic team

After our June trip to the "Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie" of La Villette for the "Climax" exhibition and a meeting with its director, the museologic team of Polaris visited the Paleosite of Saint Césaire (France), one of the most modern exhibition centres in Europe.

Also named the "prehistory interactive centre", the Paleosite opened its doors in May, on the very site where the 35,000 years old remains of a young Neanderthalian women nicknamed "Pierrette" was unearthed in the 70ies.

Presented by its director as a cross breed between a fun park and a museum, the Paleosite let the visitors immerse themselves into the daily life of Neanderthalians. Mainly through audio-visual displays, the visitors examine various important questions: evolution and history of life, history of the human species and the mystery of the cohabitation between our direct ancestors and the Neanderthalians during several thousand years.

The team was interested in such a process, because of the time-travelling experience that the International Polar Foundation wants the Polaris to propose through the various ages of our planet. The other interesting part was that the Paleosite enabled us to experiment by ourselves (and through the reactions of our kids) the pros and cons of various audio-visual and interactive cutting edge techniques.

All in all, this trip to the Paleosite was, amongst other visits, a great source of inspiration and should play its part into making the Polaris an enjoyable and interactive journey for everyone.