Weather conditions are changing

The first containers and the two Prinoths ice tractors are on the ice but the conditons begin to change. The ice starts to screech, and breaks off at the tide crack. The situation rapidly deteriorates, becoming very dangerous and the risk of losing the equipment grows by the second.

Alain manages to secure the first Prinoth, the Hammar side loading sledge, the workshop container and the two skidoos on to the continent racing across the widening gap, while the rest of the team are left aboard the ship as it pulls out of the Bay. One Prinoth remains on the ice. It cannot be evacuated because the tracks are still not on. One set is on the ship, and the other is half assembled in the ensuing rush.

The Captain agrees to try to recover the vehicle and pulls alongside the ice floe. While the crane is lifting the Prinoth aboard, the sling slips and it almost falls back on the ice. However, the situation is brought under control, and it is taken back on board.

The Coast party remains on board as there is no more access to the shore. Alain heads up the plateau with the machinery, to try to get the material across the crevasse zone.