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  • IPF at Greenweek 2006: Biodiversity

    IPF at Greenweek 2006: Biodiversity

    Alain Hubert, Chairman of the Board of Directors, was invited to speak at the Greenweek 2006 opening session on the 30th of May. The theme of this year's Greenweek, organised by …

  • The IPF visits the Belgica

    The IPF visits the Belgica

    On the 19th of May the IPF visited the oceanographic research ship the "Belgica" which formed part of the Port of Brussels Anniversary celebrations.

  • Pole-position Awards Ceremony

    Pole-position Awards Ceremony

    The Pole-position contest, organised by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (Belspo) was a huge success among Belgian schools. With 76 registered teams and 55 projects finalised, it has demonstrated the great …

  • Class@poles contest now closed

    Class@poles contest now closed

    Class@Poles the educational contest within BE-POLES has now closed. Five classes contributed creative projects and have won a trip to the North.

  • BE-POLES workshop: a genuine success

    BE-POLES workshop: a genuine success

    Polar research can take all sorts of amazing twists and turns. But as odd as it may seem, all of it involves Belgian scientists directly and the study of the …

  • DROMLAN meeting Helsinki

    DROMLAN meeting Helsinki

    In preparation for the pre-season DROMLAN meeting in Hobart (Tasmania, Australia) the East-Antarctic countries met in Helsinki to assess air transport needs for the coming Antarctic season.