Princess Elisabeth Antarctica is linked!

Brussels and Luxembourg – March 5th, 2010 -- The International Polar Foundation (IPF) and global satellite operator SES S.A. (Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG), today announced that the installation and tests of the SES satellite ground station in Antarctica have been successfully completed.

As a main sponsor of the Princess Elisabeth Station, SES provided engineering and design support for the building of the satellite link, as well as donating capacity for this exciting and innovative project. A crew of SES specialists joined the BELARE team to run tests and launch the operations. Dedicated bandwidth on the recently launched NSS-12 satellite at 57°E will guarantee reliable communications in the C-band link between Princess Elisabeth and Belgian Polar Secretariat Antarctic operations headquarters.

The new infrastructure makes a significant contribution to scientific research as it offers real-time data transfer from Antarctica. Furthermore, this installation will allow the Princess Elisabeth Station to be monitored online, thus ensuring best efficiency from the micro smart grid capabilities in energy management.

"The installation and successful testing of the satellite ground station at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica is the final link that closes the data chain allowing the research station to meet its objectives", said Alain Hubert, President of IPF and of the Belgian Polar Secretariat. "Data for science programs, energy efficiency management and global station monitoring will flow via this link throughout the year. The presence of SES as a technical partner and main sponsor has been paramount and we thank all SES contributors for their commitment to make it a success."

"This project, which has been supported by a multi-team task force within SES, is an excellent example of our desire to support activities that underscore our commitment to environmental issues, and highlight the contribution that satellite technology can make to improve the understanding of our planet," said Romain Bausch, President and CEO of SES. "I would also like to thank the team, which included contributions from ASTRA TechCom Services and SES WORLD SKIES, for their hard work over the past year to help ensure the success of this project. We are very proud to be associated with the IPF and the Belgian government in this worthwhile venture."

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