• Convoy approaching a crevasse hidden by a snow bridge. In the vicinity of Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, the first
  • Japanese scientists on their way to establish their base camp in the field. Sor Rondanes moutains, Antarctica.
  • The doctor working on a hand injury at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, the first
  • Drilling the ice and marking the spot for scientific research program with a flag on a bamboo stick for easy identification
  • Japanese researchers preparing for a field expedition at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, the first
  • Unloading of the Mary Arctica during the BELARE 2011-2012 expedition. Containers are then loaded on sledges to be taken back to
  • Erik Verhagen, engineer, repairing scientific equipment at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, the first

Antarctic Operator

As operator and manager of the revolutionary zero emission Princess Elisabeth Antarctica station, the International Polar Foundation provides logistics and infrastructure support to scientists from the international research community who come to work in Antarctica.

Logistics Support

The International Polar Foundation is the Belgian Polar Secretariat’s appointed Belgian Antarctic Operator. The station’s location, in a relatively isolated region of Antarctica, creates a unique set of challenges that demand specialist skills and experience.

As the official Belgian Antarctic Operator, the Foundation ensures safe conditions for field research, provides cargo and personnel logistics, experienced polar guides, field accommodation and mobile laboratory facilities, and guarantees minimal impact on the Antarctic environment.

Station's Technical Manager

The International Polar Foundation also ensure the technical development and maintenance of Princess Elisabeth Antarctica's systems.

Being the first “Zero Emission” station, powered by wind and sun, Princess Elisabeth Antarctica is a constantly evolving prototype showcasing state of the art technologies in terms of energy production and management as well as an innovative water treatment system.