Arctic Futures Symposium

Established in 2010 to raise public awareness of important developments in the Arctic region, the annual Arctic Futures Symposium has become an essential venue for promoting ongoing dialogue between Arctic stakeholders, and the empowerment of inhabitants of the Circumpolar North.

Arctic Futures also provides members of the European Institutions and the wider international community in Brussels with the opportunity to engage with Arctic stakeholders on issues such as marine transport and infrastructure, search and rescue capabilities, concerns of Arctic indigenous communities, scientific research and monitoring, ecosystem stewardship, and the sustainable development of the Arctic's natural resources and economic potential.

“The success of Arctic Futures demonstrates how international cooperation and dialogue are key to achieving sustainable Arctic policies that benefit the people that live and work there, to protect the region’s fragile ecosystem and to explore the way forward for scientific research and the development of natural resources.”

- Nighat Amin, International Polar Foundation Vice-President

2013 Symposium

The International Polar Foundation would like to thank all the speakers, moderators and parnters who contributed to making the 2013 Arctic Futures Symposium possible.  With a record number of attendees and online viewers who watched the symposium via live webstreaming, the 2013 symposium was in many ways the most sucessful to date.

Held on October 16th and 17th, this year's symposium focused on responsible Arctic resource development, safe Arctic shipping, sustainable circumpolar communities, and research to inform policymaking.

Interviews, presentations and offical reporting

The International Polar Foundation published interviews with a number of speakers from the 2013 symposium and the Intenational Polar Foundation's VIMEO channel.

The proceedings of the entire symposium can be downloaded in pdf format.

Speaker presentations are available on the Arctic Futures SpeakerDeck account.

Project Partners

We would like to thank the following partners for their support

  • Affaires √©trang√®res
  • Statoil
  • Arctic NGO Forum
  • European Commission
  • North Norway
  • EU Arctic Information Centre
  • European External Action Service