EducaPoles: Science Education

EducaPoles: Science Education

Educapoles, the International Polar Foundation’s science education platform, delivers a fresh, accessible approach to the scientific process by enabling teachers to explore climate and polar science with their students through the use of creative tools and learning methods.

Online teaching resources in three languages

The Educapoles website, available in English, French and Dutch, proposes educational resources to primary and secondary school teachers who are interested in teaching the following themes:

  • Polar Regions and polar sciences
  • Climate Change
  • Energy

The EducaPoles website features resources such as pedagogical dossiers, multimedia animations, quizzes, children tales as well as thematic picture galleries and videos.

International Education and Outreach projects

Educapoles also showcases the local and international education and outreach projects in which the International Polar Foundation is involved, in cooperation with other non-governmental and scientific organisations.