ExploraPoles: Polar Adventures

ExploraPoles: Polar Adventures

The ExploraPoles portal features news and features on polar expeditions and explorers. Through adventure, we hope to share in the discovery of these fabulous regions and their importance in our planet's climate systems.

Polar Expeditions

Alain Hubert, chairman of the board of the International Polar Foundation is a reknowned polar explorer. During his numerous expeditions, Alain discovered the beauty of the Polar Regions and the importance of Polar Science. ExploraPoles is an attempt to make others follow the same path from adventure to science.

Each year, ExploraPoles follows selected polar expeditions in both the Arctic and the Antarctic. We believe that these human adventures can help creating a strong link between those remote regions and the less remote areas in which we live. By making the importance and fragility of the Polar Regions a reality, we can forge a gateway to the broader context of polar science, climate chnage and the need to evolve towards a more sustainable society.

Polar Explorer

Our passion for human adventure is driven by the endevours of the explorers taking part in them. Our gallery of explorers showcases the Polar Explorers of our today and provides a a pathway to their personal websites and expeditions.