Polaris Climate Change Observatory

The Polaris Climate Change Observatory (PCCO) aims to inform public perception of the role of science in issues of major social importance. The PCCO is a physical space where the most recent polar research findings can be displayed through innovative and attractive installations, and their global context explained.

Improving Public Understanding

The goal of the PCCO is to provide tools for improving public understanding of the mechanisms driving climate change, and possible responses to prevent or adapt to change.

Exploring and understanding the natural workings of the Earth's climate, the PCCO will retrace the evolution of the Earth’s climate, and its possible future. The Observatory will also set out to explain the current drivers of climate change arising from human activities (including industry and agriculture), and how our future actions will depend on our capacity to understand the pace and direction of change.

An international Project

The International Polar Foundation is working with local partners to establish Polaris Climate Change Observatories in several regional locations around the world.

The Polaris Climate Change Observatory regional platforms will provide the public, policy makers, industry and civil society with a forum for interaction and for developing the collaborative actions required for an adapted response to global development in the face of climate change.