Polarview Earth Observation

Polarview Earth Observation

Polarview Earth Observation Ltd. provides a wide variety of earth observation products which monitor sea ice cover, glacier runoff, snow cover, snow melt, icebergs, river ice and lake ice. As a consortium member, the International Polar Foundation has been working on the communication aspects of this European project.

Making Earth Observation accessible

Using satellite earth data, in combination with a number of sophisticated models and automatic tools, the satellite images are converted into products that graphically illustrate the characteristics of the ice and snow on any given day.

More specifically, Polarview services take the form of enhance sea ice information (charts and forecasts) as well as ice-edge and iceberg monitoring data. We also provide monitoring services for lake and river ice, snow cover maps and glacier monitoring and assessment.

Polarview's mandate is to make earth observation more accessible to stakeholders interested in the Polar Regions.

Communication products

In the framework of the Polarview project, the International Polar Foundation has created key communication tools:

  • Presentational video: a 5 minutes high quality video was created to showcase Polarview's products and their usefulness in real-life situations;
  • Corporate brochure: the brochure presents Polarview's accomplishments, services and benefits;
  • Website: The IPF is currently working on Polarview's new corporate website, a central hub to present all services offered by the consortium.