Princess Elisabeth Antarctica

The world’s first zero emission polar research station, Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, welcomes scientists from around the world to conduct research in this little-studied and pristine environment, close to East Antarctica’s Sør Rondane Mountains.

An International Scientific facility

Antarctica is a continent dedicated to science, and Princess Elisabeth Antarctica is a scientific research station first and foremost. It offers a solid logistic backbone to any expedition with the guarantee of a minimal impact on the environment.

  • Unique Research Environments: due to logistics demands, most Antarctic stations are located either on the Antarctic Peninsula, or at the Antarctic Coast. Anchored on a granite ridge in the Sør Rondanes in East Antarctica, Princess Elisabeth Antarctica is located 200km inland, opening the way to the Plateau, surrounding mountains, and coast.
  • Great Logistics & Support: German, Japanese, British, Belgian and scientists from other nations join International projects  provided with the best possible logistics support and field guiding, enabling the researchers can entirely to focus on the quality of their research.
  • Scientific Facilities: with laboratories ands offices to mobile field stations that feature accommodation containers and mobile laboratories, Princess Elisabeth Station offers scientists a wide array of well-equipped facilities to conduct research. The station’s support staff work side-by-side with scientists to ensure successful operations.

The First “Zero Emission” Polar Research Station

Operated by the International Polar Foundation, in partnership with the Belgian Polar Secretariat, Princess Elisabeth Antarctica is an evolving technical prototype.

Princess Elisabeth Antarctica’s design and construction seamlessly integrates passive building technologies, renewable wind and solar energy, water treatment facilities, continuously monitored power demand and a smart grid for maximising energy efficiency.

The success of Princess Elisabeth Antarctica demonstrates how the climate challenge can be met through goodwill and collaboration between civil society, business and governments. The project proves how readily accessible technology can be harnessed to achieve a low carbon society, without compromising our collective or individual wellbeing.

The energy solutions perfected at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica are currently being commercialised by the project’s technical partners for use in mainstream applications that will redefine energy use in our homes, offices and schools, and in every home, town and city across the world.

Project Partners

We would like to thank the following partners for their support

  • GDF Suez

  • Umicore

  • CMB

  • Loterie Nationale

  • Schneider Electric

  • Alpro

  • Belgacom

  • Dexia

  • Baillet Latour Fund

  • Lhoist

  • P & V

  • Quick

  • SES

  • Transcor Astra Group (subsidiary of CNP/NMP)

  • Volkswagen