Meet the Team

The International Polar Foundation is staffed by a team of polar, education, energy, engineering and communications experts, with all the necessary skills for taking on challenging polar projects.

  • Alain Hubert

    Alain Hubert

    Founder, Director of the Board, BELARE expedition leader

  • Nighat Amin

    Nighat Amin

    VP International Affairs, BELARE environmental and Logistics

  • Henri  Tassenoy

    Henri Tassenoy

    Treasurer & Accounting

  • Michel de Wouters

    Michel de Wouters

    Executive Secretary for IPF South-Africa

  • Laurent  Dubois

    Laurent Dubois

    Executive Secretary for IPF Switzerland

  • Jean-Fran├žois  Delhez

    Jean-Fran├žois Delhez

    Graphic Designer

  • Jean  de Pomereu

    Jean de Pomereu