Meet the Team

The International Polar Foundation is staffed by a team of polar, education, energy, engineering, and communications experts, with all the necessary skills for taking on challenging polar projects.

  • Alain Hubert

    Alain Hubert

    PEA Expedition Leader and Management

  • Nighat Amin

    Nighat Amin

    PEA Environmental, Logistics and Management

  • Laurent  Dubois

    Laurent Dubois

    Executive Secretary IPF Switzerland

  • Joe Cheek

    Joe Cheek

    Project Manager, Science and Communications Officer

  • Arnaud de Viron

    Arnaud de Viron

    IPF Accountant

  • Henri Robert

    Henri Robert

    Science Liaison Officer

  • Thomas Petracca

    Thomas Petracca

    PEA Head of Engineering Team

  • David Rigotti

    David Rigotti

    PEA Head of Catering

  • Benoît Verdin

    Benoît Verdin

    PEA Systech Engineer

  • Guus Luppens

    Guus Luppens

    PEA Systech Engineer

  • Wouter Verschueren

    Wouter Verschueren

    PEA Systech Engineer

  • Wouter  Paesen

    Wouter Paesen

    PEA Systech Engineer

  • Aymar de Lichtervelde

    Aymar de Lichtervelde

    PEA Water Treatment Unit Engineer

  • Pierre Dumont

    Pierre Dumont

    PEA Head of Mechanic and Vehicles Operations

  • Joffrey Birti

    Joffrey Birti

    PEA Equipment Officer

  • Emmanuel Poudelet

    Emmanuel Poudelet

    PEA Field Officer

  • Nicolas Van Hoecke

    Nicolas Van Hoecke

    Managing Director

  • Alain Thierry Barrera

    Alain Thierry Barrera

    Trainee, Administration, Finance, and Logistics

  • Mieke Sterken

    Mieke Sterken

    Education Coordinator BIO