Funding and Support

The International Polar Foundation welcomes financial support from individual donors and corporate sponsors, towards specific program allocation, to implement its mission for science in the polar regions, meeting the challenge of climate change, and the establishment of a low carbon society.

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Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

The International Polar Foundation establishes multi-year partnerships with corporations or institutions to pursue mutual objectives. Such agreements can be constructed either as donations or sponsorship programs, in order to best accomodate regulation framework.

Corporate Support

Private Donations

Private Donations

Individual donations are used by the Foundation to fund its operations and ongoing programs, such as educational projects and resources, online publications, etc. Donations can be allocated to a specific program if the donor expresses the wish to do so.

Private Donations

Connecting science and society

The International Polar Foundation was established in 2002 as a foundation for public good and is an operational foundation active in the field of “Science & Society”.

We create and manage projects that focus on research in the polar regions as means to understand fundamental climate mechanisms, and to drive change towards a more sustainable society.

The Foundation seeks partnerships with a broad range of stakeholders to implement its mission of supporting science in the polar regions, meeting the climate change and reaching a low carbon society.

The Foundation will at all times retain its scientific and program orientation independence, and will act according to its statutes and mission statement.

Content of sponsored projects remains the responsibility of the Foundation through approval by its Scientific, Educational and Management Committees.

The International Polar Foundation financial activities are reviewed yearly by certified accountants, in order  to guarantee complete transparency.